Totus DMS Warehouse Stock Card

In order to support the overall conduct of the car dealership’s business, Totus DMS includes all the necessary functionality for managing multiple warehouses for vehicle parts. Throughout the whole process, from parts procurement until their final issue, DMS supports and facilitates every step of the business process.

Parts procurement is conducted using single and group ordering system, a solution that enables automatic part reservation upon its arrival at the dealership for certain purposes (sale, service shop, etc.). This approach facilitates the work of employees in large warehouses.

The process of large quantity parts procurement can be significantly speeded up by using the import of specially formatted files. The verification of receiving sheets is facilitated with the barcode reader support with dedicated software for smart barcode readers – Gravitas AIR.

Vehicle parts can be issued directly on a certain work order as well as to a certain vehicle or a worker – dealership employee – allowing more precise monitoring of parts depletion. Besides that, the system offers support for direct sale of vehicle parts (“over the counter” sale). Advance payments are also supported together with the option for making dispensable offers for vehicle parts. In all of these documents, the input of vehicle parts can be made using the bar code reader.

DMS users have a detailed insight into the warehouse, along with all necessary information such as stock age, procurement cost, sale price with high-quality search capabilities. We especially emphasize “warehouse card” functionality – a detailed history of transactions associated with a particular warehouse item. In addition to the insight into the current stock state, it is possible to perform a deep storage analysis which can be of significant help in planning of the procurement of vehicle parts.

When in „National Based Setup“ mode, application offers vehicle parts marketplace – functionality that allows dealerships in the same network to market vehicle parts (for example, vehicle parts can be offered under special terms to the partners within the same network – an excellent solution for reducing “dead” stock items – items that are too long on stock).

The process warehouse inventory is facilitated and simplified, particularly with the use of bar code readers and the already mentioned application – Gravitas AIR. DMS supports a variety of inventory process forms and inventory process parameterization.