Vehicle sales

Vehicle sales

Totus DMS Sales Car Configurator

The Sales module facilitates selling new and used cars. The sale of a vehicle follows the Customer Lifecycle business process, accepted by the most advanced European sales centres. Every phone query for a vehicle, every e-mail, every arrival of a client to the salon is logged into the system in a CLM case. This approach to selling enables every salesperson to monitor activity within a sale, and to trace back their own steps. The CLM system within Totus DMS follows every step helping the user to provide their customer with a service in accordance with the highest business standards. Management will finally be able to better monitor operational activities without the need for analysing countless reports – easily and clearly.

A CLM case contains within it all the documentation and activity history related to the sale of a vehicle, from the first contact with the buyer, up to his content departure from the salon. This includes gathering information about the buyer, information about which offer caught his interest and by which means he heard of it, all additional communication with the buyer, the planning of test drives and, finally, all the documentation involved, from the first offer up to the final sales contract and invoice. Information gathered within a CLM case enables subsequent analysis of sales efficiency and is of great value in planning better marketing strategies.

Salespeople have at their disposition a clear and simple planner for test drives through which they can more easily plan and organize test drives. This includes production of the documentation associated with a test drive.

Every employee in the sales division at any moment has access to the most recent data about the technical characteristics of vehicles offered for sale, about all the options and additional equipment packages and the most recent prices. This enables speed and flexibility in creating offers for new vehicles where it is possible, with a couple of mouse clicks in a vehicle configurator, to choose all the important technical characteristics of a vehicle and get information about the total price. The implementation of this configurator is simple enough to allow customers themselves to look through price lists and create configurations they’re interested in.

All the technical data about vehicles on offer can be maintained centrally, for example, at a country-wide level, and then, via an automated process, distributed among all included retailers. We call this type of application setup National Based Setup. It provides an easy way of keeping data in sync among separate sales centres and guarantees the most recent data to all end users. Vehicle offers can also include maintenance contracts through which a customer can be provided with more favourable prices for later vehicle maintenance and repair. Maintenance contracts are stored in the application and are later available to service shop workers when the buyer returns the vehicle for maintenance or repair.

The system also includes vehicle stock-keeping – entry and editing of vehicle receiving sheets, with the possibility of automatically importing receiving sheets from specially prepared files, monitoring the stock state (direct overview of the state of the stock, age of the vehicles on it,..). There is also support for valuation, purchase and sale of used vehicles. Also, it is possible to define special selling terms, applied generally or associated with a specific customer, through which some special discounts in sales can be defined and, if needed, they can automatically be applied to vehicle offers and used in calculating their prices.

Vehicle invoices, along with the expected functionality, support entering data on vehicle takeover as well as generating all the appropriate documentation. Advance payments are also supported.